PIXX – ” Fall In EP “

Posted: January 8, 2016 in MUSIC
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4AD Records newcomer Pixx has a history of making videos that look like they’re taken straight from the pages of a Thomas Hardy novel. July single ‘Fall In’, the track that first really got Hannah Rodgers noticed, was a downward-looking beachside lament, all Autumn tones and a doomy aesthetic that coolly matched the music’s solemn beauty.

‘Deplore’, which is taken from the Fall In EP, sees a move to rural Surrey, and more surrealism. Here’s what directors The Marshall Darlings had to say about it:
“We like to play on this idea of magical realism in the videos we make for Pixx, and she plays the part really well. We came across an artist called Andrea Kowch who does paintings of women in rural America in these quite ghostly scenes, and we thought it would fit really well for this. We didn’t try and copy her paintings, but used them as references with each shot a vignette conveying a particular emotion, almost like a moving painting.”

Fall In EP

1. Fall In, 2. A Way To Say Goodbye, 3. Flee 4. Deplore

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