WAND – ” 1000 days “

Posted: December 24, 2015 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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By our count, it was less than 365 days from the moment last year when Wand was supporting Ty Segall at the 9.30 Club to the release of their third album in approximately a year.  1000 Days was instantly a big breakthrough and a minor classic , an incredibly ambitious work combining Eno-esque synths and prog song structures with the punk’n’thunder of this young band’s previous two releases. Cory Hanson has to be added to the roster of West Coast phenoms along with Ty, John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees, and Tim Presley of White Fence — keeping rock’n’roll alive and kicking in a hostile world.  The thing about 1000 Days is that it both seems like a mere extension to Golem and the other excellent album  Ganglion Reef, Wand’s previous two albums, and is conceptually bolder, suggesting Hanson’s songwriting is growing magically, a sorcerer’s conjuring of talent that should bring them their deserved audience over the next 1000 days.

We could’ve probably filled this years best albums with 2015 releases by Wand, Hey Colossus and Jerusalem In My Heart amongst so many others , but luckily quantity doesn’t always want for quality – especially not with these guys. March’s Golem album was great, but the ridiculous amount of tunes squirting out the sides of 1000 Days takes Wand to another level. Cory Hanson appears to have nicked not just Marc Bolan’s vocal chords, but his knack for a killer hook too.

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