The QUIET HOLLERS – ” Côte d’Azur “

Posted: December 21, 2015 in MUSIC
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One of my songs for 2015, the unbearably poignant and dark tale of Côte d’Azur loss and yearning – and all that lies in between. About those memory markers that resurface in the depths of your dreams and the half way stage when the sun warms your face, and what’s real and what’s not – the journey and the destination – merges into one; always searching. Quiet Hollers are a cult/gang/band from Louisville, Kentucky. Their new album is out now. Buy it at

Quiet Hollers formed semi-accidentally in 2010 following an album release party for which the band was recruited.

In 2013, the band’s debut album I Am the Morning, a “reverb-soaked dive into the stream-of-consciousness confessionals” (No Depression) of singer/songwriter Shadwick Wilde featured a drummer whose neck was literally broken– the band refusing to postpone their session at the since-defunct Funeral Home studio of analog guru Kevin Ratterman (Murder By Death, Andrew Bird, My Morning Jacket) after a waterfall-diving accident.

Although the album was received with polite applause from the European blogosphere, and a smattering of indie music writers for whom it was a “Best of 2013,”  it flew mostly under the radar in the band’s hometown of Louisville, KY despite rotation on WFPK and a nomination for best album in the inaugural Louisville Music Awards.

Booking a slew of tours across the eastern half of the US (often using connections from Wilde’s days as guitarist-for-hire for seminal Dischord Records band Iron Cross), Quiet Hollers produced their sophomore full-length without label support… relying instead on a small but dedicated cult following who funded nearly the entire project.

Released in October 2015, “Quiet Hollers” runs the proverbial gamut of the band’s eclectic influences to deliver literate, hook-laden narratives, blasting through tube amps in swirls of violin and piano.

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