BEACH SLANG – ” Young and Alive/Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas “

Posted: December 19, 2015 in MUSIC
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Philadelphia’s DIY scene seems to be thriving at the moment, with an host of acts breaking through over the past 18-months. The latest from the area we’re excited about are Beach Slang. The post-punk outfit are preparing for the release of their debut album ‘The Things We Do To Find People Like Us’ next month.

Ahead of its release the band have shared online it’s latest cut, ‘Young & Alive’ – which sees the East Coast quartet bring to the table another brilliantly snarly, in you’re face punk number, plied with the ever-reverberating lyrics of “We are Young & Alive” – it isn’t a track you’ll want to forget in a hurry.


“Young & Alive” appears on our upcoming album, The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us, out 10/30/15 on Polyvinyl Records (North America), Moorworks (Japan), Big Scary Monsters (UK & Europe) and Cooking Vinyl (Australia & New Zealand). Beach Slang are a three piece punk rock band from Philadelphia. Members also play in Weston, Crybaby and Ex-Friends. They have been described as sounding like “a one-night stand between The Psychedelic Furs and The Replacements”.

“Go truth or dare like brats tonight. It’s wild. Go shake your Cher. Go bake a dime. We are young and alive. Go bang the snares and amplifiers. It’s wild. Take down your hair. Wake up the night. We are young and alive. Go barely care with all your might. It’s wild. Go scare your skull. Bring it to life. We are young and alive. Go punch the air with things you write. It’s wild. We are awake with hearts to riot. We are young and alive.”

Beach Slang release their debut LP ’The Things We Do To Find People Like Us’ on October 30th via Polyvinyl Records. They will also be at the Bodega in Nottingham


”Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas”(from The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us)

”This song is for a friend who really needed to hear it. It’s strange how really brilliant some people can be and just never know it. I wanted to remind her. I don’t know,Stephen Merritt said this thing once about there only being two types of Music that matter – pop and avant garde. This was me listening to way too much Jesus & Mary Chain and having a go at writing a loud pop song. I think maybe I even got some of it right. Who knows?”

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