COIN – ” Coin “

Posted: December 11, 2015 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Coin (1)

One of these is the eponymous debut from the Nashville four-piece, COIN. It’s feel-good radio-worthy music, perfect for soundtracking all your road trips and beach days. Part of its genius is that it will have you dancing and singing along, whether it’s your first or 1,000th listen.

COIN flows together seamlessly, keeping the listener entertained with 35 minutes of wicked guitar riffs, clever and playful lyrics, and wild, youthful energy. The first track, ‘Atlas’ starts off the party, sampling the adrenaline rush of the album. Singer Chase Lawrence’s lyrics are cheeky and enticing, making this a stand out song. Lawrence has a gift for creating songs that anyone can love, whether they can directly relate to the listener’s current life or remind someone of their exuberant past. ‘Atlas’ is one of the best examples that COIN offers of this crowd-pleasing quality. Of course, their lead single, ‘Run’ is fantastic in its own way, but for similar reasons. It’s insanely catchy in the best sense and showcases their talent for creating a fun and exciting narrative set to wonderful melodies.

The album overall is fast-paced, without losing songs along the way. Not a single track is skippable and it definitely doesn’t feel like an album that’s just singles and fillers, which seems pretty rare now. Each song feeds into the next seamlessly, mainly because COIN stick to what they know for the most part, and it definitely pays off. Their formula of beachy guitars layered with strong percussion and upbeat synthesizers makes them unique from other brands of indie pop we’ve heard this year. Lots of artists included guitars and synthesizers, but not like this band has. Breezy guitars and percussion are usual, but COIN add their heavy, Walk the Moon-esque synthesizers to create one of the most distinct mixes of sounds this year. ‘Holy Ghost’ is the pinnacle of their style, mixing 80s inspiration with beach guitars. The progression between the two styles makes it a joy to hear as it moves from airing on the laid-back side to total overdrive at the finish.


Although COIN is an ambitious endeavor on the whole, the band really push themselves with the final two tracks and go into some more experimental territory. They retain the signature COIN vibes, but push it to something a little less predictable. The two are less upbeat and tell of sadder stories than the rest. The instrumentation maintains the synths and California-esque vibes, but still matches the downcast lyrics. It’s entirely unique how those two songs can keep the beachy sound that COIN has worked to create in the first eight tracks, but change the lyrical story to something sad without losing the listener or becoming bizarre. ‘It’s a Trap’ tells of a deteriorating relationship with summery guitars in the back, and somehow they make it work in a splendid way. The final track, ‘Lately’, is an unexpected way to finish such a happy album, but it leaves an impression that is hard to forget. It’s dramatic, more so than any of the other songs, but it also showcases what COIN can do when they step out of their comfort zone.

Part of COIN’s magic comes from is its wide appeal. It’s not just for any one demographic and its refreshing to hear something that can be so widespread. No matter whether you’re reminiscing about rebellious youth or actually living it, its still carefree and fun music that’s meant to bring you back to that spirited energy. COIN has gifted us with a wonderfully bright combination of songs in an already spectacular year for sugary pop.


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