TOLEDO SPRINGS – ” Where I’ll Be “

Posted: December 5, 2015 in MUSIC
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“Where I’ll Be’ is the debut outing from new dreampop outfit Toledo Springs – who, despite sounding like they might hail from across the pond in the US, are in fact are based in Auckland, New Zealand

It is the lead track from the four-piece, who formed last year, and will appear on their self-titled debut EP out on December 17th. Just shy of five minutes, ‘Where I’ll Be’ is as smooth as a drifting breeze for the first three minutes rolling along on cascading guitars, steady drum beats and Nico Fitzpatrick’s easy vocals; before it then takes on a different complexion to become almost a different track with a two-minute psych-like passage to the close of purely drums, synth and guitar.

“We’ve spent the last five months slowly recording this!” laughs Nico, when we catch up with him. “This track in particular started out as a very rough home demo (almost wrote it just to practice using a particular recording software) which we just ended up developing over time.”

Toledo Springs was formed by Nico and brother Isaac while both visiting family in Australia, Nico reveals. “Both our previous bands had just split up and we wanted to make music together. Josh, our synth guy, learnt piano from my mum who is a piano teacher. I was always impressed with his creativity so asked if he wanted to play in a band. I met Mike through mutual friends at a party and we hit it off immediately.”

What they are not so forthcoming about is their Toledo Springs name and how they came upon it. “The name? Ah, it would be too hard to describe! Let’s just say it was a name we all agreed on…Toledo Springs play an EP launch show on December 18th at The Lucha Lounge, in Auckland.
Toledo Springs are: Nico Fitzpatrick, vocals/guitar; Joshua Nightingale, synth/guitar; Isaac Fitzpatrick, bass; Michael Bullen, drums.

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