JOSEFIN ÖHRN + The LIBERATION – ” Anything So Bright “

Posted: December 3, 2015 in MUSIC
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‘Diamond Waves EP’ on, Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation, a band from Sweden who have graced the stage with the likes of Goat and Les Big Byrd (as well a nomination in the Swedish Grammys). Their album ‘Horse Dance’ has been released by the veritable Rocket Recordings and is a joyous mix of influences both old and new. The intro to opener ‘Dunes‘ smacks of Suicide (the band, not the….well, you know) and evolves into a motorik stomper with some beautiful vocals from Josefin. The rest of the album follows suit, taking cues from the old (the motorik rhythms and of Can and Neu!) and more contemporary artists (the trance inducing guitar drones of Loop). Josefin’s vocals veer from the ethereal to Siouxsie-like stridency. It is a fantastic album, and one that I’m sure has passed underneath some people’s radar, which is a real shame. It is psychedelic, but not in the ‘turn the amps up to 11 and fuzz out’ manner -it has a more refinement and imagination than that; it has an elegance and a fragility that endears it to the listener. ‘Horse Dance’ can be purchased via the Rocket Bandcamp page.

lots of fuzzed up guitar and other effects: sonics that are foggy and dense. Every so often though a record comes along that is clean and clear that I just really take to my heart. Such a record has to be bloody good to drag me away from my fug-filled reverie because why would I want to move away from what I like and know I like.The latest in a very short line of albums to do this is the new release from Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation, yet another innovative ‘psych’ combo from Stockholm. While it is an album that most definitely has psychedelic leanings with its motorik beats and Canesque intensity in places, there is more than that going on here. This is also a pop album, and an album that is as cool as fuck. This is no manufactured X Factor shite, this is the real deal. ‘Horse Stories’ is an album that helps pull me out of my normal listening habits and allows me some perspective. It reminds me that there is more to ‘fuzz’, ‘drone’ and ‘psych’ while including elements of all three. It is an album of great beauty and positivity that deserves a far wider audience

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