CARLTON MELTON – ” Peaking Duck “

Posted: December 3, 2015 in MUSIC

I’ve been following Carlton Melton since seeing the band at the Liverpool Psychedelica Festival in September their debut record “Pass It On” was released way back in 2010. seen them live now a couple of times,  imagine my delight upon hearing the news that their latest album (their 5th album proper if not including live albums and split releases) was to be a double album. This is good news both for Carlton Melton and their fans. as it means the reins are off and they can really meander off to who knows where with their majestic sonic soundscapes and good for the as this is definitely a case of more is more. Opener “Peaking Duck” is quickly becoming a favourite of mine in the Carlton Melton repertoire….it is a monster! The whole album is a nicely melded mix of ambient drone mood pieces and riff-heavy, drum bashing, bass shuddering rock beasts. Fantastic stuff.




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