LYDIA AINSWORTH – ” Right From Real “

Posted: October 22, 2015 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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After a collection of two EPs released earlier this year, this is a revelation of a debut: stunning, fully-formed, suffused with wintry atmosphere, As a female singer-songwriter whose palettes are artpop and synth-pop, the comparisons come fast and inevitable: one-time label mate Grimes (the comparisons end there), the avant-pop likes of Julia Holter, and, of course, Kate Bush—in particular, and of all things, Bush’s work with the Trio.Bulgarka


Yet Julia Ainsworth’s vision is singular. “Candle” is an orchestral piece blown to bits by a backmasked digital gust. (If . has a characteristic trick, this is it.) “Moonstone” periodically sounds about to turn into a Purity Ring song at half-speed, but settles as an otherworldly almanac of words and sounds. “Malachite” is the kind of gothy synthpop dozens of more seasoned artists have failed to get this gloriously right. “Take Your Face Off” doesn’t seem like it should work, swooping through cello gloom, R&B melisma, sunsoaked keyboard lines, and twitchy synth lattices, it evokes Tori Amos (in a couple places, Ainsworth channels near-exactly some Amos inflections that aren’t that common), Dawn Richard (another doppelgänger, in her low range and songwriting ambition) and the Art of Noise And, somehow, it all coheres. It’s intricate enough to reward close listening and immediate enough in its pleasures to sound astonishing from listen one; during its best moments, “Right from Real” is breathtaking in the best way: the way where you didn’t know music could do this.

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