The OSCILLATION – ” Beyond The Mirror “

Posted: August 12, 2015 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Oscillation was formed in London in 2006 by Demian Castellanos. The first single “New Way To Feel” was released in January 2006 on Bee And Smoke records as a 7″ single and was picked as single of the week by Rough Trade. This incarnation of The Oscillation was intended as an outlet for more rockier ventures alongside other projects going in different directions. An e.p on Static Caravan surfaced, under the name of Mesma, while on J.Saul Kane’s DC Recordings, yet another project began as The Orichalc Phase. “Respond In Silence” was the first e.p followed by the “Violations” e.p in October 2006, mixed with Tim Holmes at The Contino Rooms. The Orichalc Phase became the main focus, incorporating influences from punk funk disco, krautrock and psychedelia with danceable rhythms, repetitive angular avant guitar noises inspired by Loop, and layers of analogue synthesizers. The Oscillation and Mesma faded into the background for the time being.
The debut album on DC Recordings, “Out Of Phase” was released on 15th October to universally good reviews In 2007 featuring Tim Weller and Matt Scott on studio drum duties, to take a confusing twist, the name was changed to The Oscillation for it’s release.
A live band was formed to coincide with the record with Tom Relleen on bass guitar, Mark Thomas on keys and Jon Abbey on drums, along with Julian Hand providing a retina destroying light show using projectors, slides and oil paints. The band continued playing numerous shows, refining their live sound and building a reputation for inventive re-interpretation of the recorded songs along the way, supporting the likes of Sliver Apples, Beak, Zombie Zombie, Disappears, Wooden Shjps, Dead Skeletons and Deerhunter.

Early 2009 saw a departure from DC Recordings. After a period of flux a new e.p “Future Echo” was released in early 2010 on “All Time Low Productions”, an independent label started by Tom Relleen. “Future Echo” e.p brought together various other influences from the other musical incarnations: tribal krautrock rhythms, pulsating synth bass and white noise guitar feedback, the heavier guitars of 3rd Harmonic and the poppier tones of “See Through You” followed with 7 minutes of pure drone. The 2nd album Veils came out in 2011, branching further out into more complex song-writing and liquid psyche instrumental passages. This was followed by the “Fall” e.p and an exclusive single for record day featuring the psyche-rock of “No Place To Go” and the opiate pop of “Waste The Day”. Around this time the live band were joined by Valentina Magaletti on drums and Chris Wackrow on keys/2nd guitar.

Valentina became the mainstay on drums, both live and in the studio for the 3rd album “From Tomorrow”, recorded over 2012-13. The new album takes another step into new directions, both heavier, spacier and sonically a
bona-fide trip into new realms. Out on 30th September on All Time Low and partnered with french label, Hands In The Dark. The band are currently touring as a finely tuned 3 piece, with a new single a video from the album scheduled for the later in the year..

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