NOVA HEART – ” Lackluster No “

Posted: July 12, 2015 in MUSIC
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Nova Heart

From Beijing, China, comes this female trio with the name Nova Heart whose Members consist of Helen Feng (vocals, keys, video games); Bo Xuan (bass); and Shi Lu a.k.a. Atom (drums) for those who like: Shirley Manson, Karen O, Nadine Shah, The xx

Asked to check out Nova Heart’s “Lackluster No.” after they wowed audiences in London. After one listen, we can see why. With a dark, melodic, and downtempo approach, “Lackluster No.” is a mesmerizing and extremely cool track. There are moments when Helen Fung speaks mandarin, but it only adds to the mysteriousness of the song. They’ve been called the “Blondie of China” and compared to Ladytron and New Order. They are all worthy comparisons, but we hear the assertiveness of Shirley Manson of Garage, the confidence of Karen O, and the scintillating beats of The xx. “Lackluster No.” is the title track of Nova Heart’s forthcoming new album. It drops October 2nd.


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