OLA’s KOOL KITCHEN – Radio Show Ep 273

Posted: July 2, 2015 in MUSIC
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Ola’s Kool Kitchen is a show on Freeform Portland, Rock XS Radio, Magic Monster Radio, KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, DCRC Radio 1, 107.5 andhow.FM, Primal Radio and The Indie Authority
more shows live here www.mixcloud.com/olaskoolkitchen/…dener-from-ride/

Show 273
1. Rude Club-Men In Suits-single-Sacred
2. Salako-The Moonlight Radiates A Purple Glow In His World-rE-inVentinNg; Punc.tUIat?iOn>: Jeepster
3. Lurve-Simple Syrup- Blooming (A Fuzz Fucked Compliation)-Fleeting Youth Records
4. The Pleasure Routine-Ruins-2014-self release
5. Triggs and The Longest Day-Sometime Somewhere-Talking About It-self release
6. The Mountain Goats-Going To Georgia-Zopilote Machine-Ajax
7. Flesh For Lulu-Baby Hurricane-Big Fun City-Statik
8. Jenny Hval –Sabbath- Apocalypse, Girl-Sacred Bones Records
9. Sigur Ros-Saeglopur-Takk-Geffen
10. Los Finders-Pata Pata- Especial Nochevieja. Incluye las Doce Campanadas –Discos Cada
11. Barry St John-Long and Lonely Night-According to St John-Major Minor Records
12. Bill Withers-Lean On Me-Still Bill-Sussex
13. Arc Iris – Whiskey Man-Arc Iris-Epitah


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