FAITH HEALER – ” Canonized / Universe “

Posted: June 16, 2015 in MUSIC
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Jessica Jalbert’s astral, deadpan psychedelia is the style of the best Lou Reed tribute you’ll ever hear. Instead of stripping the Velvet Underground for parts, Jalbert latches onto the weird renderings of tiny details that made that band iconic and coats them in her own reverb, coppery harmonies, and blown-out guitars. That’d be a reason unto itself to listen to “Cosmic Troubles”, but the factor in her incisive, sardonic songwriting . Here’s an uncharted universe of wry, golden fuzz-pop replete with barbed phrases, eyerolls and towering analogue dreaminess.


Jessica Jalbert makes psychedelia sounds as Faith Healer, and her debut album under that name, Cosmic Troubles, is one of the year’s most cohesive records. Today we’re premiering the video for “Canonized,” a clip that features half of the tight-knit Edmonton music scene holding a Tarot reading and drinking wine spliced with shots of a lone figure trying to start a fire in the Mill Creek Ravine. It includes Caity Fisher (of Tee-Tahs and Caity Fisher & The Wastoids), Ian Waddell (of Diamond Mind), Mitch Holtby (Mitchmatic, Faith Healer), Layne L’Heureux (Maude), Ben Crossman (Ben Disaster, Love Electric, Tee-Tahs), and of course, Jessica Jalbert herself. It was directed by Mike Robertson and you can watch the whole crew’s oddball debauchery unfold below. If you take one thing away from this post, though, I hope it’s the realization that you seriously need to check out the Faith Healer album.

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