LOST DAWN – ” Song For Robert ” and ” Count On Me “

Posted: April 11, 2015 in MUSIC
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Lost Dawn – Lost Dawn  self titled debut album When’s it out? April 13th
Falmouth’s glam-rock DIYers follow their live LP split with fellow Cornish bands The Black Tambourines and The Red Cords with their studio debut. Written and recorded by Lost Dawn. From the self-titled debut album, on Easy Action Records


Lost Dawn have carved themselves into a unique bracket. Setting out on the road with swaggering blues-rock, the duo developed a tight yet still raw and sharp rhythm structure from years of fostering influences they wore on their sleeves. Now burning with driven glam-rock that touches on most sub-genres in the process, Lost’s Dawn’s pop sculptures are as boastful as they are fret by devilish paranoia.

While Blues, Psych, Garage, even 70s Pop mould their sound, from ‘Robert’s Song‘, through ‘Count On Me‘ and even the erratic nature of ‘Manchild‘ their’s a brooding hook under each. Their ability to wear their influences without sounding artificial is testament to a group that have now organically drawn their own template.


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