RYLEY WALKER – ” La Blogotheque Session “

Posted: April 3, 2015 in MUSIC
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The French website La Blogothèque has been on a roll lately with its Take Away Shows video series, in which we see artists playing live and unplugged and in natural light. The latest participant is Chicago’s Ryley Walker, whose album recently released “Primrose Green”, a lovely album of ornate ’70s-style psych-folk, earlier this week. The La Blogothèque crew filmed him playing his own songs Primrose Green and “Summer Dress” and then covering Van Morrison’s 1974 song Fair Play at a Parisian house party. Ryley Walker is a beast of a guitarist and singer, and that really comes across in his performances. Watch the three videos below.

Thee voice of Ryley Walker invokes beautiful ghosts. Strummed a few chords, barely launched a couplet, and the air thickened by the presence of misty long admired artists. Ryley can cultivate the patience of a Van Morrisson, the delicacy of the guitar playing of Bert Jansch, and knows from crazy in flights as only Tim Buckley knew to do.

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