JOANNA GRUESOME – TRUST FUND – ” Split 12″ Vinyl “

Posted: March 22, 2015 in MUSIC
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It’s always a joy to get new Joanna Gruesome vinyl, and this time out fans are treated to a delicious two-fer: a split LP with three new tracks from Joanna Gruesome plus three new tracks from UK newcomers Trust Fund. who come from Bristol, 

They toured with Los Campesinos, landed on multiple end-of-year lists, and broke the internet by playing with a bunch of cute dogs in their video for “Cut Me Out” – objectively the happiest music video of all time. We now have their debut album, “No One’s Coming For Us”,available on Bandcamp . It is, objectively, not the happiest album of all time, but it is one of the most moving albums ever written since Rivers Cuomo got bored of being brutally honest.

Based in Bristol, Trust Fund is a collaborative project fronted by Ellis Jones, who has a knack for capturing feelings of confusion, anger and sadness whilst also being a source of comfort for all those things, this collection of simple yet affecting songs is the answer to all your problems. It’s the catalyst for reflection, self-analysis and the kick up the butt we needed all at once.

But regardless of when you hear them, or how many times, every song on No One’s Coming For Us feels like it has entered your life at precisely the right moment. If there was a sound for holding hands, this could be it.

trust fund promo photo

The whole affair adds up to a noisy, punk-fueled skin abrasion (but in a good way, ya dig?) The split is a co-partnership between Athens, GA-based HHBTM Records and the UK label Reeks of Effort (headed up by Joanna Gruesome member Max Warren). And if this showcase is any indicator of things to come, we can’t wait for more label team-ups from these two.

In short, this split rules. You’ve got two rad bands from across the pond dishing out three cool new tracks apiece. Their sounds are different, yet complementary, and on the whole it all just works. Highly recommended.

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