HORSE THIEF – ” Fear In Bliss ” Best Albums Of 2014

Posted: March 3, 2015 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Considering it was a debut album there were shockingly high expectations for Fear In Bliss. Following the earlier superb EP, “Grow Deep Grow Wild”, and a jaw dropping support slot with Midlake at Shepherds Bush Empire, we anticipated something good, maybe even something great, , but it exceeded beyond even our wildest expectation the release was frankly remarkable.

The Oklahoma based five-piece created an album deeply routed in the traditions of American alternative music, both old and new, it simultaneously recalled the true greats, artists like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen and the more modern classic, with shades of Fleet Foxes, Beach House and Grizzly Bear. The album managed to balance experimentation, the almost acapella “Already Dead”, the buzzing synths and low-key vocal of closing track “Warm Regards”, So with songs that fitted perfectly with their previous output, the likes of “Human Geographer” and stand-out track “Dead Drum” wouldn’t sound out of place on their previous recordings, but they sounded more refined, better recorded and just stronger examples of song-writing.

If musically it was a varied collection, it was all pinned together by both the voice and lyrics of front-man Cameron Neal. His voice is not a classically trained beauty, but it’s powerful, and carries an emotional weight like almost no other. Lyrically he delves into issues many songwriters wont touch, there were flirtations with religion, mortality and growing up with unshared doubts about the reality of all you are told.

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