COLLEEN GREEN – ” I Want To Grow Up “

Posted: March 1, 2015 in MUSIC
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While Colleen Green’s first LP for was a slice of breezy, self-aware stoner bubblegum that insisted on a shallow read—perhaps to force us to turn away from deeper truths—its follow-up, I Want to Grow Up,is paralysis and paranoia in a sugary glaze. On this record, Colleen Green has managed to capture in very real and human terms the existential terror that everything is futile and that our lives will never amount to much She is keenly aware of her own limitations and has turned her reflection on those limitations into strengths Green’s got a knack for songwriting. While taught us all that we only need a few chords to make an endless number of perfect pop songs, most bands that have followed that model to the letter don’t have the ear for hooks, structure, or wordplay that their heroes did. Colleen Green does. She is also extremely effective at manipulating the studio to get the hidden depths of her seemingly simple songs Driven by heavily processed bass, a metronomic drum machine, and a twinkling, haunting guitar melody, and Green’s soft voice,

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