RORY GALLAGHER – ” In Your Town ” Beat Club Session

Posted: February 15, 2015 in MUSIC
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Rory Gallagher and band live at the Beat Club from German TV in your town , as evidenced by this dozen-track collection of live-in-the-studio work from the early years of his solo career. This disc officially appeared in September 2010 and collects four tunes from three separate sessions recorded May 1971 through June 1972 for the German Beat Club TV series (a companion DVD was released simultaneously). The songs will be familiar to Gallagher fans, as most are available on his first few albums. All but Junior Wells “Messin’ with the Kid” and Sonny Thompson‘s “Toredown” (probably best known through Freddie Kings version) are originals, played by his sturdy backing trio featuring Wilgar Campbell on drums and longtime bassist Gerry McAvoy. While there aren’t many musical surprises, these versions are noticeably leaner and tougher than their associated studio performances. The sound is terrific for live music of the time — full, rich, and well recorded, with every instrument easily identifiable in the mix but displaying all the rawness and crackling sparks that made Rory Gallagher such an iconic figure in the history of blues-rock.

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