HUMBLE PIE – ” 30 Days In The Hole “

Posted: February 14, 2015 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Speaking of frequently covered songs, ’30 Days in the Hole’ ranks with Humble Pie’s most oft-revisited tracks since it was first unveiled as the second-side opener on 1972’s ‘Smokin’’ LP. Not only does the song absolutely cook with a funky vengeance, but its virtual catalog of chemical bad habits makes it an irresistible fix for bad boy rockers of all ages. Indeed, Humble Pie never sounded more addictive, and we therefore had no choice but to tap out ‘30 Days in the Hole’ as one of the Top Humble Pie songs.

Smokin’ comes as close to any Humble Pie LP ever did to achieving classic status. My advice to the neophyte is to check out Eat It, Smokin’,and 1971’s Rock On (the last Humble Pie LP to feature the work of Peter Frampton)

Band members

  • Bass, Vocals – Greg Ridley
  • Drums, Keyboards – Jerry Shirley
  • Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals – Clem Clempson
  • Vocals, Guitar, Harp, Keyboards – Steve Marriott

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