SOFT CAT – ” Somebody “

Posted: February 13, 2015 in MUSIC
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Soft Cat are a hugely underrated folk act out of Baltimore who with Lost No Labor. After two years, they are releasing their third album, “All Energy Will Rise”, on April 7th via Miscreant/Father Daughter Records. Today we’re premiering “Somebody” as the first taste of “All Energy Will Rise”, an appeal to our endless search for intimacy, even when it’s an unspecified desire. At the epicenter of Soft Cat is Neil Sanzgiri, whose songs unfurl like ribbons, needling you with each new element: horns, flutes, cello, violin, banjo, and classical and electric guitar. Just days after the release of “Lost No Labor” in 2013, a fire devastated the artist-run gallery, performance venue, and library known as Open Space, where most of the musicians involved in Soft Cat lived. With seventeen members of this artistic collective now effectively displaced, and the recent death of a friend looming heavy, Sanzgiri relocated to a farm to work on new music. These circumstances fueled his songwriting, and “Somebody” feels especially laden with grief, as the whirring, urgent strings fade into quieter vocal melodies.

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