CARL BARAT and the JACKALS – ” Glory Days “

Posted: February 10, 2015 in MUSIC
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Get the single ‘Glory Days’ immediately when you pre-order the debut album ‘Let It Reign’ from Carl Barât and the Jackals. There’s something about Barat on this new album from his ‘other’ band. He seems rejuvenated, perhaps by the seemingly impending success of The Libertines reunion and subsequent album or perhaps just by being back in a band? Since his 2010 solo effort, which showed Carl Barat as a depressed artist struggling to make his way in a cruel world (yawn), Carl Barat seems to have found his vigour again. With tracks like ‘Glory Days’, ‘A Storm Is Coming’ and ‘Victory Gin’ it seems the old Barat is back and we just couldn’t be happier about that

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