SCREAMING FEMALES – ” It’s Not Fair ” and ” Ripe ” Live at 94 Jewel

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Screaming Females signed to the ever excellent Don Giovanni Records Back in December, we premiered the first live video that legendary rock-doc filmmaker Lance Bangs directed for Screaming Females’ song “Ripe,” off of the New Jersey band’s forthcoming album “Rose Mountain”. I’ve said it several times in recent posts, and I’ll say it again: That record is going to be a total shit-kicker. Get a taste of what to expect in a second Bangs-directed live video, this time for the previously unheard song “It’s Not Fair.”

New Jersey punks Screaming Females will unleash “Rose Mountain” early next year, a record that’s bound to be a total shit-kicker.The new single “Ripe,” and today the band shared a live performance of the song. Lance Bangs has directed an impressive roster of videos, the most recent of which was for Kim Deal’s new track “Biker Gone,” and he helmed the forthcoming Slint documentary Breadcrumb Trail. This is a high-contrast, stark video — the carefully coordinated cinematography rubs up against Screaming Females’ purposefully raw sound. Although the audio was professionally recorded, the band chose to not overdub it, maintaining some auditory semblance to a live performance. Maybe it always looks this way, but Marissa Paternoster’s guitar appears to be speckled with blood as she tears through the song’s absurdly awesome inaugural riff.

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