WHITE FENCE – ” Live at the Moonlight Motel “

Posted: January 9, 2015 in MUSIC
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White Fence Live at The Moonlight Motel
Performing “Beat”, “Sandra” and “Make Them Dinner at Our Shoes”.

Presley began recording music in his apartment using primitive and low cost equipment, while still a member of Darker My Love.[1] Presley’s debut solo album, self-titled White Fence, was recorded between 2008 and 2009. The album was released in 2010 on Make A Mess Records, receiving generally positive reviews
Presley’s second album, entitled Is Growing Faith, was released in 2011 through Woodsist Records. The album continued upon Presley’s lo-fi and psychedelic sound, and contained a cover of Johnny Thunders 1978 song “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory.” The album gathered similarly positive reviews, noting Presley’s developing instrumentation and experimentation.The same year, a live cassette entitled White Fence – Live In LA, was released through the Teenage Teardrops label. The cassette was only limited to 200 copies

2012 saw Presley release three records; two as White Fence and one in collaboration with Ty Segall. The first, Family Perfume Vol. 1, was released on 3 April 2012. The album was the first installment in a double release from Presley.The second volume, Family Perfume Vol. 2, was subsequently released on 15 May 2012. Both albums were released through Woodsist Records and limited to 1000 copies each during its first pressing.The final release of 2012 was a collaboration with fellow California based musician Ty Segall. The album, entitled Hair (album), similarly followed the same psychedelic and garage rock tendencies of Presley and Segall’s respective previous works.The album was released on 24 April 2012, and was recorded and produced by Eric Bauer.
In 2013, Presley released his fifth album as White Fence, entitled Cyclops Reap. The album was originally intended to be a release of Presley’s older work from his previous four albums; however, he instead decided to create an album of new material. The album followed the same production techniques as his previous work, and was recorded on a 4-track in Presley’s bedroom.[11] Castle Face Records released the album in various formats, such as colour vinyl and on Flexi disc.The album received positive reviews.

Presley is also the founder of Birth Records, which solely releases the music of San Francisco-based folk singer Jessica Pratt</strong.
Presley's latest album For The Recently Found Innocent released in July 2014. The album differs from previous releases as it makes use of studio recordings rather than bedroom recording, creating a more polished sound. The album was mixed by fellow collaborator Ty Segall.
Tim Presley – Vocals, Guitar,Josh Puklavetz – Bass,Nick Murray – Drums,Zoe Zag – Keys,Laena Geronimo – Violin

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