ANOMIE – ” So Long “

Posted: January 9, 2015 in MUSIC
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I know we’re less than ten days into 2015, but I can safely say that Father/Daughter Records is already killing it this year. Earlier this week, a new song from newcomers Diet Cig that I haven’t been able to stop listening to since I first heard it. And now today, we can introduce another stellar EP that is coming out on the label next month by Anomie. The name might sound unfamiliar, but it’s the solo moniker of Rachel Browne, who’s the vocalist and guitarist of dream pop band Field Mouse. Anomie shows Rachel going in a new direction, and it’s one that I already can’t get enough of.

“So Long” is the first of four tracks on Anomie’s upcoming EP, and it rips and roars like nothing Rachel’s done before. There’s a visible urgency to the song, like Rachel has something she needed to get off her chest,  The following track follows suit until Rachel slows it down for the latter half of the album, exploring the range of emotions and feelings that come from heartache. The album officially comes out on February 10th but you can listen to “So Long” .
Rachel Browne on Anomie:
“I wrote a bunch of songs while hiding out last year between moving out of my home in New York and into a totally new life in Philadelphia. I wanted them to reflect the exact moments that I wrote them in, and not look too far ahead. I’d finished writing for my band Field Mouse’s album and had these other ideas that I needed to get out. Anomie was a name I had used since high school to file writing and art I’d been working on, and it seemed fitting to continue on with that in this project.”

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