VITA and The WOOLF – ” Fang Song ” EP

Posted: December 19, 2014 in MUSIC
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Vita and the Woolf – I remember sitting at my desk during the summer and a friend recommended Vita and the Woolf’s single “Mary” . We stopped what we were doing, crowded around the laptop speakers and listened for the four minutes or so. Frontwoman and pianist Jennifer Pague has a commanding voice and a knack for writing music that pulls you in. It’s soulful, its rocks out with abandon,  plus anthemic arenas. “Fang Song”, Vita and the Woolf’s debut, was a DIY recording project of Pague’s as she wrote a cycle of songs inspired by the romance between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sack-ville West. It’s lo-fi, but it shimmers. With the formation of a live band with Bobby Cleveland on bass and synth and Adam Shumski on drums, their next record could be something special.

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