JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD – ” Standing In The Sun “

Posted: November 4, 2014 in MUSIC
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Jessica Lea Mayfield the country-rock turned grunge-rocker shows off her matured chops on “Standing In The Sun”—one of the singles from her latest record, Make My Head Sing. The song itself isn’t creepy, scary or spooky, but a melancholy, 90s-tinged, lo-fi rock track; it’s that dichotomy that makes the video that much more intriguing.

Let’s break down the Halloween spirit found in this video: first of all, Mayfield shot this video in a Nashville graveyard, and nothing screams Halloween like a walk among the tombstones. Second of all, that lighting is just haunting. Maybe it’s the violet lights or creepy nighttime shots, but we commend her for being in the graveyard playing tunes so late at night. And finally, with the new pink hair and sultry outfit she’s rocking, it kind of looks like she’s dressed up in costume.

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