Posted: October 18, 2014 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Genesis Rehearsals

How important are Genesis, which incarnation their early work under the idiosyncratic vocals of Peter Gabriel intellectural artsy music and the holy grail of Progressive rock with sprawling masterpieces of the 1974 double album “The lamb Lies Down On Broadway” In 1975 Genesis continued with Phil Collins taking the lead vocals and moving from epics like the “Eleventh Earl Of Marl” to poppy songs from “Invisible Touch” but Genesis have made great music in every era from the insanity of “Suppers Ready” to the “Hold On My Heart” the band members recently reconvened for the BBC2 documentary Gabriel, Collins, Hackett, Banks and Rutherford plus there is a 3cd box set that spans the career of the famous five

LOOKING FOR SOMEONE……..taken from the second album “Trespass” full of 12 string guitars and big church organ type sounds the album is bookended by two huge tracks this one building from a soulfull whisper to a thundering Climax and “The Knife” .

AM I VERY WRONG…………from the debut album “From Genesis To Revelation” they were all teenagers when this debut was recorded and with pop producer Jonathan King at the helm this gentle melodic ballad with lush piano from Tony Banks and Anthony Phillips 12 string guitars.

ON THE SHORELINE…………from the “We Can’t Dance” album of 1991 Phil Collins pushes his voice to the tops of his vocal range and with Tony Banks synths drifting through the song like the sea and the mist.

THE LADY LIES ……………with the band becoming a three piece this track was a prog rock tale of a an eager warrior and his demon disguised damsel

TWIGHTLIGHT ALEHOUSE………..recorded during the Foxtrot sessions and a staple of early setlists becoming a b-side for the major hit “I Know What I like In Your Wardrobe”

FEEDING THE FIRE …………..As the B-side of the huge hit “Land Of Confusion” an alluring dark tale with a great chorus with Phil Collins belting out the song “Mama” style

GOING OUT TO GET YOU………..Written during the “Trespass” period and became a highlight of the bands early setlists but was left off that album for the more dynamic “The Knife” this version is taken from the 1968 Archive Box Set 1967-1975.

The FOUNTAIN OF SALMACIUS…….Steve Hackett and Phil Collins made their debut recording on the album “Nursery Cryme” this overlooked closing track this triumphant epic is with its jazzy interludes tony banks mellotron and keyboards are outstanding.

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