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A few days before Labor Day, Widowspeak will release their third full-length via Captured Tracks. It feels like an ideal time of the year to engage with the duo’s latest batch of patiently paced dream-folk, at least here in the Northeast: not swelteringly hot, but still warm enough to comfortably hang around outside long after dusk. The band has been regularly leaking songs from the album all summer long, and “Dead Love (So Still)” is the latest. Despite the depressing image its title conjures, the track itself is an optimistic-feeling swirl of twangy, textured guitars and dreamy-as-hell vocals.

“I wrote an early version of this song when I was 19,” singer Molly Hamilton. “It was one of those naive situations where I thought I was with someone and he didn’t, but the energy and emotion I’d invested in our non-relationship still made its inevitable end feel significant. The mood [of the album version] is a lot more lighthearted than the first. I’ve had so many more experiences since then that require letting things go, and I’m a lot more okay with closed doors that I used to be.” All Yours is out September 4th.