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The trio will release new album “If I Was”, produced by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, on 23rd March and here they are with an exclusive live version of one of the tracks from the album. In the meantime the sisters are currently on a UK tour, playing Cardiff’s Glee Club tonight (15th February) Vernon, who produced the trio’s forthcoming second album ‘If I Was’, was introduced by Jessica Staveley-Taylor as she recounted recording their second album at Vernon’s Wisconsin studio over the past two years. Last Night at their London Show he joined them on stage.
“It just so happens that he’s in town tonight, we didn’t know he was going to be, so we asked if he’d come up on stage with us,” she said.
He joined them for ‘Make It Holy’ toward the end of their 90-minute set, joining in on guitar and backing vocals, and sang the second verse on his own. After he left the stage, Emily Staveley-Taylor said: “Music is the most amazing thing, and has let us meet the most incredible people. It’s magic.”
As well as material from their first album ‘Dead & Born & Grown’ such as ‘Mexico’, ‘Pay Us No Mind’ and set closer ‘Wisely & Slow’, the sisters performed ‘Open’ from the ‘Blood I Bled EP’ and 10 songs from their forthcoming album, including ‘Steady’, ‘Teeth White’ and current single ‘Black And White’, which Camilla Staveley-Taylor said was about “being rather angry. Really fucking angry, actually.”

The sisters said about recording the album with Vernon, Camilla described being in Wisconsin as like “being on a school trip with no parents”.
“We were itching to have a break and to let out loads of thoughts and emotions that we hadn’t had chance to express,” she continued. “We were very fortunate to have a place at Justin’s where we were allowed to do whatever wanted. It was the most liberating experience, being able to record until 4am, or while drunk. And there was no idea that was too silly.”



Emily, Jessica, and Camilla Staveley -Taylor have been making music together since they were children, growing up in Watford, UK, England. Brought up in a house that echoed to the sounds of Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Beatles, singing in perfect 3-part harmony came naturally to these three sisters. Having started gigging in local pubs and cafes, The Staves are now captivating audiences on much bigger stages – earning rapturous encores with their exquisite songs of love & longing, their extraordinary intertwining voices melt the most cynical of hearts.

Volcano Choir perform the song Comrade set up in a studio in an old Tannery in Wisconsin, Volcano Choir featuring the wonderful vocals of Justin Vernon.
Volcano Choir is an American indie band that started as a collaboration between Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) and Collections of Colonies of Bees. Their debut album was “Unmap” and was released on September 22, 2009. A second album, Repave, was released in September 2013.
The project originally came together with songs being written in 2005. It was not recorded until the fall of 2008 in Fall Creek, Wisconsin, USA. Since then, Jon Mueller (Death Blues) and Thomas Wincek (of All Tiny Creatures) have left Collections of Colonies of Bees, but continue to be members of Volcano Choir. They have also added Matthew Skemp on bass, who also plays in All Tiny Creatures.

with so many collaborations and different projects on the go , among them Doe Paoro, Astronautalis, the Shouting Matches, Volcano Choir….. Justin Vernon and his unmistakable vocals  has become a huge influence.


BON IVER – ” Wash “

Posted: February 28, 2014 in MUSIC
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when youre feeling a little blue, BON IVER can make you feel so good about everything

The Practical Hipster


When shit soars right through the roof of your skull and splatters across your universe. When no song can save you. When no person can be seen miles and miles ahead of you and the telescope of your heart begins to creak from disappointment, that’s when you shut the world out, and listen to a few great geniuses who know how to make some heart music.

Bon Iver is one such beautiful coming together of Song.

Listening to Bon Iver is like sitting by the ocean on a perfectly still day. Flying kites over sweeping sand dunes, or falling into waves, rising up to a dance against the sun as the air kisses the sunlight on your skin. It’s a little alchemy coming to life.

Like the night lit up by fickle ashes floating up from this campfire called life, where everything changes, ends and begins as quickly as a…

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