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Taken from the Suggestive Listening EP, to be released as a part of Record Store Day 2018. Limited to 1000 copies – 500 blue cover, 500 pink – and only available through independent record shops.  An extended play record, offered referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album or LP. EPs usually do not contain as many tracks as albums, & are considered “less expensive & time consuming” for an artist to produce than an album.

An EP originally referred to specific types of vinyl records other than 78 rpm standard play (SP) & LP, but it is now applied to mid-length CDs and downloads as well. Beginning in the 1980s, many so called “singles” have been sold in formats with more than two tracks. Because of this, the definition of an EP is not determined only by the number of tracks or the playing time; an EP is typically seen as four (or more) tracks of equal importance as opposed to a four-track single with an obvious A side & three B-sides. Suggestive Listening is an EP written by Ulrika Spacek


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