ALVVAYS – ” Easy on Your Own? “

Posted: December 16, 2022 in MUSIC

The long-awaited return of Alvvays continues to be one of this summer’s most pleasant surprises. Their latest single “Easy on Your Own?” is our second preview of “Blue Rev” (October. 7th Polyvinyl), the band’s first new album in five years. Alvvays shared “Blue Rev’s” opener “Pharmacist” upon its announcement last month, and now follow up with the album’s second track, “Easy on Your Own?”

It’s another brisk blast of the band’s signature dream-pop sound, with complex textures not previously found in their discography. Molly Rankin’s vocals sit lower in the mix than usual, entering alongside synth buzz and forceful low end before buzzing glide guitar envelops her voice a la My Bloody Valentine.

When her singing does burst through in the choruses, it hits like a ray of sunshine through the clouds, even though her lyrics (where discernible) describe a long-term relationship so damaged, it might not be worth saving. The song shudders to a stop in under three minutes, another concise stunner seemingly designed to reward repeat listens.

The general feeling of disaffection — tempered by urgency, turbulence and angst — is masterfully relayed in Alvvays’ third and best record so far. Replete with hooks, licks and clever lyrics that are never too-clever, “Blue Rev” is a monument to power pop furnished with a rich cultural and musical lexicon, and delivered with explosive defiance. Simply put, and as my best friend said, “It makes me wanna put my head inside a speaker.

Alvvays return with an album that keeps up their hot streak and we are here for it. Classic indie pop dynamics meet sweetly dark lyrical turns for an album that improves listen on listen. Welcome back Alvvays, we’ve missed you!

From the album “Blue Rev”, Out October 7th, 2022

  1. I love this band and it is great to have them back

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