BLUSHING – ” Possessions ” 

Posted: February 18, 2022 in MUSIC

Shoegaze lovers rejoice in the new sounds coming from Blushing’s new album “Possessions” on Kanine Records. Featuring Miki Berenyi, the front person of 90’s shoegaze, indie pop greats Lush and her new band Piroshka on the main single ‘Blame’ you instantly feel that you are transplanted back into 1990. Focused on charismatic vocals with dreamy guitar hooks and swirling bass lines the ‘Blame’ is a strong introduction to an album filled with Dream Pop greats. 

Fans of Lush, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive won’t be able to resist this album.

Texas shoegaze group Blushing share new single

The LP was mastered by Ride’s own Mark Gardener, with the singer stepping in to mix just one song: ‘The Fires’. Completed during a blizzard, ‘The Fires’ seems driven by longing, freed by escapism, with the effortlessly soft vocals expressing a uniquely evocative side to the band. The new single “The Fires” Mix & mastered by Mark Gardener (RIDE), Clash Magazine says “Blushing meld together dreamy guitar effects, recalling everyone from early Slowdive to lost 90s Stateside outfit Velocity Girl – with a nod to Ride too, naturally.”

Michelle Soto explains…“We knew Mark could bring a special element to ‘The Fires’. However, just as the mixing and mastering process was wrapping up in February 2021 we lost all power and water for over a week due to a freak blizzard that devastated much of Texas. It caused a most unexpected delay in our ability to communicate back and forth with Mark about the track, who expressed concern for the band’s well being as news of the storm reached all the way to the UK.”

“Eventually the snow melted, lights and internet returned and what we received in the final mix was a punchy, glimmering track, a perfect balance to the dark, brooding tone of the song.” 

The group’s new album ‘Possessions’ is out on February 18th, and it was produced by Ringo Deathstarr’s Elliott Frazier. The LP was mastered by Ride’s own Mark Gardener, with the singer stepping in to mix just one song: ‘The Fires’.

Released February 18th, 2022

Blushing under exclusive licensing to Kanine Records

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