FEHLT – ” Figure Two ” EP 

Posted: October 6, 2021 in MUSIC
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I was introduced to the band Fehlt in 2020 with the release of their debut single “Closure.” Their sinister hues, knotty riffs and throbbing rhythms resonated pretty quickly—their music struck me as pensive, but also heartfelt. Now returning with a debut EP titled “Figure Two”, this Leeds art-rock band takes another crack at sombre, monochrome tones and guitar labyrinths, and they execute convincingly. Singer/songwriter Ewan Barr’s sparing lyrics are difficult to decipher due to his muffled vocals, but the band’s moods still come across. Their songs are largely austere, but occasionally playful—the pummelling guitars and downcast vocals of “Withdrawal” represent the former, while the twisty riffs of “Shared Pleasantries” help puncture that darker tension. The most propulsive of the bunch is “Kopfkino,” a German word that roughly translates to “head cinema,” and it might be their best track yet. Barrelling around tight corners with might, it captures a certain type of escapism that flickers between torment and relief. They expel pent-up energy, but at the same time, their bleak sounds express anguish, which replenishes that tank, circulating it endlessly like a fountain. In a surprise to no one, they’re fans of Joy Division, and they close the EP with a cover of “No Love Lost.” It’s much more dense and atmospheric than the original, but their nimble krautrock-meets-post-punk chops are more than up to the task. If their next project is as stimulating as the cold, cinematic sounds of Figure Two, consider me very excited for the future releases.

Order the new EP ‘Figure Two’ featuring previous single ‘Light Porcelain’, and available on both clear & black vinyl. Limited to 50 each:

No Love Lost” · Fehlt released on Clue Records 2021-09-03

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