SOCIAL HAUL – ” This Is All I Need “

Posted: July 8, 2021 in MUSIC

Social Haul is a collection of songs to get to know us by. The album loosely depicts a protagonist challenging perceived negative aspects of character, particularly in others, attacking in stages or episodes. Not dissimilar to that unfinished Bruce Lee movie. Including bouts with ignorance, through to rebellion, disassociation, spiritual bypass[1]ing, indifference and eventually light-enlightenment. ‘Social Haul’ centres around the middle distance, the place in which we realise that no matter how insignificant or excluded we may feel, we all have something worthwhile to say.

Bursting onto the scene with blistering hot singles “Wet Eyes” and “The Ease”;  brand new band Social Haul made an immediate impression with their raucous entry to the airwaves. Now, having announced a self-titled album is on the way, they drop third single “This Is All I Need” which continues their campaign to become your new favourite band.

The trio combines the talents of singer/guitarist Leigh Padley, which many will recognise as the bassist of TRAAMS, with bassist Daniel William Daws and drummer Richard Trust who have quickly found fans with the likes of Steve Lamacq, Gemma Bradley and Jack Saunders.

Punchy yet thought provoking; their latest offering is the latest snapshot of a drunken descent into morose defeatism as first illustrated in their previous singles.

“Here our protagonist recognises that others will only open up to new ideas if initially they are rewarded sympathy for their current standpoint. Is it therefore fake or even wrong to hold malleable ideals to reach out to others? At the risk of an identity crisis our protagonist finds a good vantage point by sitting on a few fences. Observing everyone just plodding along towards oblivion as that is the destination of all available routes. Sort of like those films Green Street and Donnie Brasco” – Leigh Padley

Gritty post punk trio featuring TRAAMS’ Leigh Padley.

Social Haul’s eponymously titled debut album is produced by Daniel Fox from Girl Band and is released by FatCat Records on June 11th 

  1. That’s a great album cover

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