TITUS ANDRONICUS – ” The Monitor ” Reissue

Posted: June 23, 2021 in MUSIC

Titus Andronicus will give their classic 2010 album “The Monitor” a slightly delayed (for obvious reasons) 10th anniversary reissue on October 22nd via XL Recordings. It’s been remastered for vinyl, with the originally intended vinyl track transitions restored, and for a limited time, this edition will feature the long-out-of-print embossed cover. 

Titus will also celebrate the reissue by performing the album in full on ‘The Monitor Revisited 2021 Tour’ this fall.

“As the 10th anniversary came and went, I considered scrapping the whole thing,” said frontman Patrick Stickles. “But my audience has helped me so much to endure during this difficult time, and knowing how much they themselves have had to endure, I couldn’t ignore or deny that they deserve a little treat. After so many years of doing whatever I want, for once, I’m going to give the people what they want.”

The tour begins in Titus’ original home state of NJ.

Along with the announcement, the band put out a new video for a 2009 demo of “Titus Andronicus Forever.”

The Monitor is among the 100 best punk albums of 2010’s, “The indie rock scene that Titus grew out of is often known for practicing restraint, but The Monitor had less inhibitions than even most of the 2010s’ actual arena rock records.”

  1. This album. My oh my this album is a thing of mighty beauty. I frikkin adore this album

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