The GOTOBEDS – ” Debt Begins At 30 “

Posted: December 10, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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In May The Gotobeds – Cary, TFP, Eli and Gavin – return to the fray with their third full lengther, After 10 plus years in the underground, Sub Pop’s least-famous band made their best record yet with “Debt Begins At 30”, a fitting title for a record that isn’t afraid to sound its age or remind you of yours. Featuring contributions from a laundry list of fellow punk lifers, Debt Begins At 30 is a rollicking post-punk mixtape of sorts that still bears all the hallmarks of a Gotobeds record: thrashy guitars, loudmouthed politics, more guitars, and heaps of bitingly acerbic humor—this time, with even stronger songwriting and some studio polish that does nothing to dial down their inherent commitment to being the loudest band in the basement. And you’ve gotta give it up for a band with enough confidence to not only put the title track on the record twice, but let Victoria Ruiz of Downtown Boys, who takes vocal duties on the second go-round, rewrite the lyrics in Spanish when none of the band’s members actually speak the language.

Give me a minute or three to extol the virtues of The Gotobeds, the modern rock and roll sensation that has always sounded like they love to play. Never maligned by having the world’s weight on their backs,

  1. Yaaaaassss! I friggin’ love The Gotobeds! One of my albums of the year

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