Posted: November 10, 2018 in MUSIC

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If there were a Top Ten of Rock Sidemen/Session men, Nicky Hopkins would be near the top of the list. Compelled out of health issues to work as a sideman early in his career, he became one of the premier keyboard players in the business. For over thirty years, he was the invisible piano virtuoso behind a legion of Rock bands, As the most in-demand player when a band needed his keyboard artistry to embellish their work. Hopkins worked with the creme de la creme of Rock groups (and their members): the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Who, the Kinks, the Jeff Beck Group, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane, the Steve Miller Band, the Jerry Garcia Band, and individually, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Paul McCartney. He also worked with Peter Frampton, Rod Stewart, Joe Walsh Gene Clark, Badfinger, and Joe Cocker among others.

Just a few of his mind-blowing contributions: “Salt of the Earth,” “We Love You,” “She’s A Rainbow,” “Stray Cat Blues,” “Street Fighting Man,’ “Gimme Shelter,” “Angie,’ “No Expectations,” “Cool, Calm. Collected,” 2,000 Light Years From Home,” “Child of the Moon,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” (organ), Jigsaw Puzzle, “Sympathy For the Devil,” You Got the Silver,” Monkey Man,” “Honky Tonk Women” ‘Live With Me,” “Stop Breaking Down,” “Shine A Light,” “Sway,” “Ventilator Blues,” ‘All Down the Line,””Tumbling Dice,” “Happy,” “Soul Survivor,” “Dancing Wih Mr. D.” “Fingerprint File,” and “Time Waits For No One,” all with the Rolling Stones. Then there was “Morning Dew,” with the Jeff Beck Group; “Revolution,” (single version) with the Beatles; “Wooden Ships,” and “Eskimo Blue Day,” with the Jefferson Airplane, ” Kow Kow,” and “Baby’s House,’ with the Steve Miller Band, “Barabajagal,” with Donovan, “Just For Love,” and “What About Me,” with Quicksilver Messenger Service; “Photograph,” with Ringo Starr; “Jealous Guy,” with John Lennon; “You Are So Beautiful,” with Joe Cocker; and “You’re In My Heart,” with Rod Stewart. The list goes on: Hopkins was a colossal talent. He never received proper royalties, he never received the recognition he deserved, but what he does have is the utmost admiration of everyone who was ever touched by his brilliant piano work.

This Backing tracks the song “Angie” with Piano player Nicky Hopkins Drums Charlie Watts Bass Bill Wyman. The track Angie was released on the Goat Heads Soup LP. This particular version with no vocal or guitar tracks features Nicky Hopkins on keyboards along with Charlie on the drums and Bill playing bass. “Angie” is about the end of a relationship, a romance gone badly, a lost love Elisa Edelman. It was written and composed primarily by Keith Richards. Urban legend has Mick Jagger writing the song for David Bowie’ s wife but the truth is Keith wrote the song for Anita Pallenberg. Keith had just ended a relationship with Anita. Nicky Hopkins was a long time friend & musical collaborator of the Stones plays a brilliant keyboard track which stands out in the song and along with Jagger’s vocals make’s this a magical song !


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