DEPECHE MODE – ” 12″ Singles Box Set Series “

Posted: August 3, 2018 in MUSIC
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Later this month, Depeche Mode will launch a series of box sets collecting the band’s 12-inch singles.  On August 31st, the first two boxes, Speak & Spell and A Broken Frame, will be released.  All audio in this series has been newly remastered from the original tapes and cut at Abbey Road Studios.

The first box, Speak & Spell: The 12″ Singles, collects all of the singles around the era of the British electronic band’s 1981 debut Speak & Spell.  It kicks off with a replica of the rare flexidisc containing “Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead” b/w Mute Records labelmate Fad Gadget’s “King of the Flies,” and continues with three 12-inch singles headlined by “Dreaming of Me,” “New Life,” and “Just Can’t Get Enough.”  The original single versions of both “New Life” and “Just Can’t Get Enough” reached impressive peaks in the U.K. at No. 11 and No. 8, respectively.  Despite their success, however, Speak & Spell proved to be Depeche Mode’s only album with founding member Vince Clarke.


The second box set, A Broken Frame: The 12″ Singles, addressed the period of the band’s 1981 sophomore album, their first to feature Martin Gore.  This box has three 12-inch singles, with the A-sides “See You (Extended Version),” “The Meaning of Love (Fairly Odd Mix),” and “Leave in Silence (Longer).”  All three songs placed in the U.K. top 20, with “See You” reaching the top ten.


Depeche Mode commented in the press release, “Our 12-inch singles have always been incredibly important to the band.  It’s great to be able to re-share these songs with old and new fans in the way they were originally intended to be experienced.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.”  The cover of each box set features street art iconography inspired by the original albums, while the sleeves of the actual 12-inch singles are replicas of the originals.

Look for the first two box sets from Rhino and Mute Records on August 31st!  You’ll find full track listings and pre-order links below!

Speak & Spell: The 12″ Singles (Mute/Rhino, 2018)

Flexidisc (released as Flexipop 011, 1981)

  1. Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead – Depeche Mode
  2. King of the Flies – Fad Gadget

Dreaming of Me 12″ (released on 7″ as Mute Records 7 MUTE 013, 1981)

  1. Dreaming of Me
  2. Ice Machine

New Life 12″ (released as Mute Records 12 MUTE 014, 1981)

  1. New Life (Remix)
  2. Shout! (Rio Remix)

Just Can’t Get Enough 12″ (released as Mute Records 12 MUTE 016, 1981)

  1. Just Can’t Get Enough (Schizo Mix)
  2. Any Second Now (Altered)

A Broken Frame: The 12″ Singles (Mute/Rhino, 2018)

See You 12″ (released as Mute Records 12 MUTE 018, 1982)

  1. See You (Extended Version)
  2. Now This Is Fun (Extended Version)

The Meaning Of Love 12″ (released as Mute Records 12 MUTE 022, 1982)

  1. The Meaning Of Love (Fairly Odd Mix)
  2. Oberkorn (It’s a Small Town) (Development Mix)

Leave In Silence 12″ (released as Mute Records 12 BONG 1, 1982)

  1. Leave In Silence (Longer)
  2. Further Excerpts From: My Secret Garden
  3. Leave In Silence (Quieter)

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