KING DUDE & CHELSEA WOLFE – ” Sing More Songs Together​.​.​.​”

Posted: March 16, 2018 in MUSIC
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King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe reunite to create another seven inch song of collaborative songs entitled “Sing More Songs Together…”. These two are perfect for each other, especially when Chelsea was still doing folk music. As someone stated, its like a gothic Hazlewood/Sinatra! or  Nick Cave /PJ Harvey fantasy album”  the resulting music is catchy, brooding, soothing, and stirring. “Bed on Fire” is to DIE for, too.

Due out March 25th 2014 on Not Just Religious Music.
Recorded by King Dude at the Actual Pain M-M.F. Warehouse in Seattle Washington in July/August 2013. All instruments performed by Chelsea Wolfe, King Dude and Ben Chisholm.


Side A: Be Free
Side B: Bed on Fire
NJRM-002 – King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe – Sing More Songs Together... – 7″ vinyl
Limited to 1000 copies:
500 black vinyl
300 white vinyl
200 blended white and black vinyl


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