CREAM – ” Live In Detroit 1967 “

Posted: January 8, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Legendary performance, live at the Grande Ballroom, Detroit. Recorded live includes the complete WRIF-FM broadcast, Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality, This is an explosive show by Cream very early in their career. It seems to be the entire performance which is also a big plus. I tip my hat to the fellow who took the time to remaster a wealth of great Cream shows on tape. It’s not an excellent soundboard recording as is suggested. It sounds like a couple of generations back from the original as the crispness and clarity of most master board recordings is missing. Because of the slightly muddy sound quality this one loses a couple of points but overall is still a must-have for any Cream fan, fanatic or casual, simply because of the blistering performance and completeness of the recording. Clapton’s licks here are exciting. Ignore the above review because this is one of Cream’s best-ever concerts. It seems that so many people jump on the bandwagon when it comes to live Cream–“Oh, this is soooo self-indulgent,””Oh, these jams are too long and Clapton is too excessive,-you know what? Many people like to say that because for decades, ignorant, hack rock critics have come up with the stereotype of Cream as a self-indulgent live band who made studio albums that were far better. Critics don’t play on the level of Clapton.

Cream is truly underrated when it comes to jamming. They didn’t do pot or acid to get them jamming (although they did do other drugs, but not to intentionally effect the music), like the Dead or Quicksilver. They were musicians who listened to each other and created some of the best improvisational jamming in rock.

Cream, live at the Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MA on October 15th 1967

White-hot from two months of touring the US, Cream played this remarkable show shortly before the release of the album “Disraeli Gears”. Regarded by some as the finest live document of the trio in existence, it typifies their explosive chemistry, with some outrageous wah-wah from Clapton, thunderous bass from Jack Bruce, and virtuoso drumming from Ginger Baker. This show from Detroit’s Grande Ballroom on October 15th 1967, originally broadcast on WRIF-FM, is presented in full here


Disc One
1. Tales Of Ulysees2. N.S.U3. Sitting On Top Of The World4. Sweet Wine5. Rollin’ & Tumblin’,
Disc Two
1. Spoonful2. Steppin’ Out3. Traintime4. Toad5. I’m So Glad,

  1. karystrance says:

    Cream was indeed, the Cream, but, seriously, nobody listened to each other or improvised better as a group than the Dead. Cream was famous for trying to drown one another out with volume.

    • lizsamdog says:

      two different types of band for me, Cream were certainly more rock and very british in their sound, the dead perhaps a little more country in their sound i saw the Dead at Madison square gardens amazing an incredible spectacle and they were so good

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